Lynx BPM

150x150_modra+belaLynx BPM is a innovative management consulting firm combining digitalization, lean management and six sigma practices to provide holistic approach to transformation of service and production industry. Our mission is to shed light on your business.

Lynx BPM leverages years of deep industry experience to provide practical business strategies and organization, analytics, and technology consulting for our clients. We are a team delivering you competence based upon proven experience in lean management as related to business, risk, product, service and market.

We focus on providing services to foster innovation, transformation and process optimization with holistic approach to risk & change management. We advise our clients on the direction of digitalization, development of the strategy and managing the transformation process
related to the execution of the agreed strategy. Our unique approach combines methods of lean management, quality management and digital transformation to clear up your steps to improved “moments of truth”. Our range of services also includes outsourcing of risk management activities where we combine six sigma methods with RSA (Risk Self-Assesments) & CSA (Control Self-Assesments) approach to provide holistic and qualitative assessments and monitoring of key processes and risks in order to give assurance on key controls of organizations.

150x150_bela+modraWe advise our clients on lean management, improving financial performance, implement best practices into processes and improving quality with “six sigma” deep understanding. Optimization as related to delivery model, people, processes, risks and systems is in our core of add
ing value
. We conduct planning, establish governance, project management, business case evaluations, business impact analysis, negotiations and implementations.

Our vision is to illuminate your processes and give insight to your
process strategy. Join us in our effort to bring the best out of your business processes.

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