BPM & RSA & CSA as a service

Compliance with regulation requires the implementation of activities designed to prove that individual institutions manage operational risk and internal controls in such a way that prevents accepting significant risks and deficiencies in internal control system. Institutions usual practice is to set up teams or. resources:

  • whose task is to manage the processes (process mapping, proces optimization and participation in development projects)
  • whose task is to manage operational risk (loss events management, risk analysis and risk scenarios, business continuity management), and
  • whose task is to manage the key controls (detection of key controls, management supervision, mapping of key controls, testing and reporting on performance).

Institutions are facing, in addition to cost-inefficient teams, the need to aquire software and hardware to support these teams. Same teams are than focusing mostly to comply with minimum standards, however due to limitations in resources they are lacking competences and best practice implementation ability.

Outsourcing BPRCM

With a team with years of experience together with business partners we provide services of Business Process Management (BPM), Risk-Self Assessments (RSA) and Business Impact Analysis (BIA). Our service includes also Control Self-Assessments (CSA). We provide outsourcing service which is cost efficient compared to current insourcing solutions. It allows you to focus on creating added value from core business.

We are offering to outsource a full service of process, risks and controls management. Service is perfromed in a way that allows you to manage all critical processes which are comprehensively mapped, optimized and risk & control evaluated. We introduce you to cycle of testing and reporting on all three areas. We assure you all the necessary documentation for the proper governance of the institution, documentation to ensure compliance and we assure you adequate software support, which allows a complete overview of the service.


Our advantage is that in a highly regulated environment and increasing governance complexity we ensure long-term compliance and providing change to ensure compliance with the legislation on standards of operational risk management and management of internal controls.

BPRCM service

Nowadays, a multitude of companies is shifting to so-called SaaS services (Software-as-a-Service). Our model follows the same trend. It allows you to avoid the fixed costs of employees, software, hardware and its maintenance in such a way that the company sign a service level agreement (SLA). SLA  enables you to access anytime from anywhere the necessary information and documents relating to the management processes, risks and controls. BPRCM services (Business Process, Risk & Control Management) is unique and is designed for smaller institutions whose regulatory burden is too high in relation to their size.

Regtech - BPRCM - manage GRC with new approach to holistic view on processes, risks and controls.Increasingly complex legislation and regulatory requirements for institutions represent a serious burden – in terms of costs to comply and in terms of regulatory risk. Combined with other aspects of inherent risk, it can threaten institutions existence. Most advanced institutions apply the advanced tools and approaches that allow comprehensive monitoring and management of risks. Most of the tools is within the scope of governance, risk management or compliance assurance (Governance, Risk, Compliance – GRC). Our service allows you to effectively manage operational risks and the risks associated with assuring compliance in a way that you outsource comprehensive services, and not only the tool. We provide you a comprehensive perspective of all the assets and resources of the institution and establish relationships between the indicators, assessments, opportunities and operational testing of scenarios and controls. Our service provides you a prerequisite for success, without surprises.

Efficient and professional service

Our focus is to provide you with six sigma methods, RSA & CSA approach, holistic and qualitative assessment and monitoring of key risks and the assurance on key controls of your organization. Our professionals covers numerous fields of expertice to provide adequate responses to manage risks adequately.

There is no more need to determine responsibilities for the entire institution in the way of decentralized management, since our service is enabling high-quality and efficient leap, together with our business partners. The service covers the following domains or areas:

  • Operational risk management;
  • Ensuring compliance;
  • The management of financial controls;
  • Information technology management controls;
  • Management of internal audit quality.

The process of concluding cooperation is based on three phases:

  • feasibility study (feasability phase),
  • implementation of a pilot in a particular process (pilot phase), and
  • the acquisition of the entire services (production phase).

BPRCM combination of RegTech & Expert on Demand

BPRCM service is a RegTech & Expert on Demand solution which reuse new technology to facilitate usage of expertice for the delivery of regulatory requirements in relation to operational risk and internal control systems management. Or, in other words, BPRCM service is a combination of RegTech technology that seeks to provide “agile, configurable, easy to integrate, reliable, holistic and cost-effective” regulatory solution and Experts on Demand to manage GRC with new approach to provide holistic view on processes, risks and controls.