We help you build project culture and structures.

When working on a project we are gradually growing our clients team’s maturity to build long-lasting innovative solutions. We see manny times that projects were finished on time, however organizations did not harvest all promised potential as teams did not mature enough due to short delivery times and project managers already leaving to new projects.… Read More

Trust us to assure stable business processes.

When evaluating ideas to be part of solutions we help our clients to select upon voice of customer feed-backs. With design thinking approach we push project teams into development of focused functionalities which bring added value to customers and differentiate services and products from competition. Consequently we cut down numbers of functionalities to be developed… Read More

Focus on vital fews. Invest decisively in change.

Many times project teams are discussing what are key problems of solutions. We make sure that attention of our clients project teams is in removing root causes of their problem and focus in product design creating value for customer. Structured approach to design and developing new solution is in center of our activity. With focusing… Read More

Our couching ensure positive attitude to change.

Our management trainings are valued of the highest quality! We support development of project management teams with trainings from beginner to senior roles. We focus on management methodologies, like project management, BPM, lean and six sigma trainings and implementing teal organisations. Our customers value positive engagement, practical approach and our pinpointing to key drivers to… Read More

We value confidentiality. We do not expose our clients.

We believe that with revealing our clients we disclose little of their strategy and future potentials of growth they are building on. We rather work with them on developing ideas that will expand future generating cash-flows. We consider that each project is unique and tailor made. We are trying to understand client’s general strategy to… Read More