Lean transformation in services

Business processes in service industries are in daily practice open to number of issues. Many times process quality and efficiency are main problems companies are facing with.

  • Can you imagine an office without bottlenecks?
  • Can you imagine an office providing a service that is a flexible in offering different services to their clients?
  • Can you imagine an office where there is no problems in capacity and resource management?


Is yours service quality stable? What are yours measures to deliver stable services with no rework? Can you visualize a service with stable delivery times and adequate quality validated by clients?

Are you aware that cause of 30-50% of service costs in companies are slow and inefficient processes with high level of rework.

Are you questioning yourself how many times you have changed your routine work in the last year to improve your services and there were no visible effects? Are you interested in how to eliminate the causes of 80% of delays and waiting times in your services? Are you interested in what you can change with application of Lean Six Sigma methodologies in your company?

Services (administration, sales, purchasing, development, legal, human resources, administration, valuations, finance) represent 80% of global GDP.

SERVICES are what we focus into

Are your current processes and systems slowing down employees and flow of documents and information? Are you wasting your available time in ineffective meetings to resolve imaginary problems? Is your company facing downward spiral of constant conflicts where emotions are blocking progress and implementation of reliable measures? Are you facing yourself with persistent chaos which is stopping employees to develop and improve their work and daily routines? Are chronic disorders preventing your team to concentrate on their work? Are you afraid that you can no longer follow the requirements of customers?

In average services majority of activities is not recognised by a client as an activity with added value. The average efficiency of the service process cycle is less than 10%. Are you identifying your office in such a statistics.

Globally activities with no added value represents more than 50% of the total cost of services. Our “Lean Office” methodology enables you to transform yourself into organisation with mature leadership and stable services.

Are you interested in how to boost your service efficiency for 30%?

We believe that there is no need for extra investment budgets to improve your capacity and eliminate problems with bottlenecks, quality and rework. There are number of empirical business cases where companies have improved their process maturity with use of different methodologies, from BPM, TQM, process re-engineering, continuous improvements, etc.

Did you know that more than half of the savings in General Electrics came from service functions such as purchasing, research & development and sales?

JACK WELSH knew where to search for improvements

Our methodology is based on Lean Six Sigma principles (LSS) with reinforced know-how for service processes. Use of lean principles with six sigma methods in service environments through cooperation between all stakeholders enables transformation which triggers business excellence, increased productivity, greater satisfaction of all actors in the processes and increase in created cash flows.

Did you know that studies have confirmed that 80% of delays and waiting times have cause in 20% of the activities carried out by employees.

Faster, easier and more flexible are the key benefits of “Lean Office”. We aim to reduce errors that will no longer appear. We help you set-up number of simple activities to support your start in transforming yourself into stable lean office.

Are you afraid that your company can not afford LSS program. In short-term LSS programs are not requiring high investments. Minimum maturity level in company’s culture is quickly reachable. LSS must be accepted as an investment with required 5-times return on the invested amount.

ROI numbers must go beyond 500%

Most service transformations in the lean transformation programs are based on the evaluation of value added activities. But this is only part of the solution. Remember, “Lean Office” is also based on the full integration of employees into a program, improving their awareness and personal work habits. Key principle in a long-run is that everyone can participate effectively throughout the process, be it the liquidation of invoices, preparing a marketing plan for new product or processing of large quantities of documents, in order to ensure stable process results.

Did you know that global benchmark is confirming that in a processes which are not fostering lean principles company can quickly increase efficiency by 30% and more?

How we can help you improve your processes?

Are you afraid that you do not have adequate experience? Are you facing yourself with process mapping projects which are not generating any added value? Are your teams loosing time with maintaining organisational framework documents. Does it look you focus more into coordinating changes in mapped processes and linked working instructions than creating added value for client’s? Is your time wasted for keeping up employee’s job descriptions instead primarily for activities which are generating extra returns?

We can help you improve your focus and maturity with creating an environment to gradually improve your organizational teams. We start with small pilot projects to show benefits with implementation of “quick-wins” measures which will create an opportunity to start cultural change in your organisation. Later we develop your teams in order to be able to lead “Lean Office” projects on their own. Final stage of transformation is to boost these seeds of change into whole organization.

Are you thinking that you do not have time or resources for implementing “Lean Office” programs. You are only confirming that your company is dealing with putting out fires. Available time is companies main asset and comparative advantage.

Using the LSS method in “Lean Office” programs creates more available time for your employees.

We will create value for shareholders through development of framework for project selection. We’ll show you how to use LSS principles to simplify organisational changes. We’ll help you create process flows with stable lead times and quality services. We will enable you that you will decrease the amount of time lost.

There will be less supervision activities and additional managerial control points. You will not introduce additional coordination employees roles. You will not lose huge percentage of time in looking after lost client’s applications and documents. You will not additionally increase number of checks and re-checks. Searching and reconfirming via phone or e-mail will not be a necessity anymore.

We will help you develop simple solutions for you, customers and employees. Imagine that there is nothing too much, nothing is untapped and all is running faster. As so the result is less necessary investments, greater customer satisfaction and lower general maintenance costs. This is how we se “Lean Office”.

What is our added value compared to other consulting companies?

We start small and if you are satisfied with our team we gradually create circumstances to live new organisation’s culture to become standard of “Lean Office”. In contrast to major consulting firms we are looking for fully customized process adaptations. We use methods that provide fast, stable and high-quality service to your customers and business partners. We stay with you until changes are implemented in all respects.

Our main focus is not only in providing LSS methods but also in accepting this methods as part of companies’ culture. We are not pushing to use range of all the methodologies. We understand that gradual approach is needed and that different methods can be used with different maturity.

You will say we are too small. LSS is only for large companies. Our argument is that we are hearing that from most of small businesses that they hit an invisible wall that prevents them from further growth.

LSS is the solution.

However, it is not everything in LSS methods. As so our experienced team is adding value with innovative approach in search for measures that will create extra value in your offices. With combination of different competences and experiences our team will help you find optimal solutions for your problems. There will be no junior consultants in our team working with you. We believe that only on-premises consultancy delivers value to our customers.

You will say that a few years ago you tried to introduce lean production, six sigma or balanced scorecard methodologies and you did not achieve good results. Ask yourself why you were not successful. What was the cause? Who was the source of introduction? The client?

Has management really fully lived introduced culture.

Our advantage is also intensive cooperation with your teams to ensure the transfer of knowledge and full implementation of the agreed measures. As mentioned we start with small organisation teams to pilot our services and to evaluate current organizations maturity level. With introducing self-evaluating tools we help your teams to understand reasons for current state of service processes. We create a common understanding with provoking management to step out from emotional decision-making system and help them accept rational decisions. We push project teams to stick with vision of service they already agreed on during innovation phase. Push approach in implementing measures helps you and your teams to fully understand and adopt “Lean Office” culture.

Fear of the unknown and risk of failure in the introduction of new methodology are many times main reason for not accepting our proposal to start using lean six sigma methodologies in service companies. We agree this is the only real reason. Together with us you can easily walk the same path we did already in our past, as consultants and as managers. We believe that LSS provides not only methodology to improve the quality of your service, but also to build a corporate culture, which is an essential foundation for transformation of your services into the best in class.

If you would like to be recognised as the one who created best-in-class service please contact us.

Finally faster times to reach full utilization of the implemented measures is our main goal in all LSS projects. We foster to build an environment where your teams will strive for delivering benefits in long-run. Range of tools will help you support your teams to quickly evaluate benefits and costs of implementing measures with sustainable results.

You will say we are not manufacturing company. There are number of case studies demonstrating LSS can be introduced in office. For each type and size of the company we will find you a successful example of introducing lean six sigma. There are examples of LLS implementation in schools, hospitals, banks, insurances, hotels, etc.

How long can you delay your decision to start improving your services?

Are you of opinion that you still have time? Do you believe that proposed strategy is not reasonable? Is risk of investment unacceptable? Ask yourself differently. Is there any other option?

Release the resources for unnecessary projects and organisational changes. Do not waste time in constant process issues. Do not lose money in wasted investments in software workflows. Do not prioritize limited budgets among different software investments projects. Focus on finding innovative measures created by your employees which will create value for your customers and you without major investments needed. Think differently and focus on improving existing processes with “Lean Office” program.  Become an exception and use your investment budget for projects related with product and market development instead for developing application workflows for not optimized processes.

Please contact us and take your time for short presentation in which we will explain how you can benefit from our services. We will introduce you with several options how to increase your service efficiency with minimum investments needed with promise of guaranteed return.

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