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Our mission is to helping you deliver business innovation projects

Helping assure a stable flow through effective processes

You need help in delivering new projects. We provide you with business analyses and project management services to help you build your ideas. We consult how to change value stream creation. With our project management services we make sure that business side is heard by development team. We are using lean, six sigma and agile methodologies to reduce complexity and bring value in all areas of change – developing functionalities, process, teams, organisation and space.

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Business Analyses & Project Management

Why do businesses use our services

Focusing on streamlining demand management

Lynx-BPM was established in order to help our clients understand how their demand is influencing operations stability and potentials for revenue growth. We support building teams need for change.

Ensuring process flow

We’re dedicated to making sure that your experience in assuring process flow is a great one. Hindering bureaucratic activities exists in majority of business processes. That’s why we provide project management support for agile development for your most common business processes.

Removing value stream inefficiencies

First impressions matter. And we’ve made sure that your value stream does not have nonsense inherently build in. Simplification is as striking as it is useful. Make your products and services shine by taking advantage of our experience and out-of-box thinking.

Creating key and limited functionalities

Our services comes with focusing on yours customer needs. We are not producing functionalities which will never be used. Rest assured less is more.

Keep space related costs at optimum level

Our goal with Lynx-BPM is to help you get not only functionalities but also organised space and motion up and running quickly and smoothly so that you can focus on what matters: running your business.

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Continue reading more about why our customers think that our services are the best for changing businesses. Deploy your new idea with us. We bring agile & lean approach into project management.

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People Involved

Team with broad expirience covering all aspects of developing solutions

Gašper Prevodnik

Experienced banker and project manager with MsC in information technology. Focusing on sustainable solutions with clear customer centricity in financial industry.

Boris Zalezina

Real Estate expert with deep know - how of Real Estate and Facility Management. With experience he brings to a team answers to the hardest questions.
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Lean Innovation Process

We value customers business models with helping them build innovative solutions

We believe that with revealing our clients we disclose little of their strategy and future potentials of growth they are building on. We rather work with them on developing ideas that will expand future generating cash-flows. We consider that each project is unique and tailor made. We are trying to understand client’s general strategy to be able to help them build innovative solutions. Our clients results either linked to cost efficiency or to growing new revenues are proving our added value. You can contact us and we will tell you what we did in our past. Do not hesitate, be free to check! We believe hearsay is enough.

Our management trainings are valued of the highest quality! We support development of project management teams with trainings from beginner to senior roles. We focus on management methodologies, like project management, BPM, lean and six sigma trainings and implementing teal organisations. Our customers value positive engagement, practical approach and our pinpointing to key drivers to change organisation maturity. We can develop trainings linked to specific management issues or we can deliver long-term training programs. Positivity and relaxed environment usually boosts your’s team motivation.

Many times project teams are discussing what are key problems of solutions. We make sure that attention of our clients project teams is in removing root causes of their problem. Discussion focal point is on underlying causes either linked to how to develop new solution or how to remove problems from existing businesses. As center of our activity is primary cause we ensure that constraints in budgets are not ones delaying promised results. In fact we make sure that investment budget can be used for changing yours business model and not for running a business . We are helping you allocating key resources on right projects.

When evaluating ideas to be part of solutions we help our clients to select upon voice of customer feed-backs. As so we push project teams into development of focused functionalities which bring added value to customers and differentiate services and products from competition. Consequently we cut down numbers of functionalities to be developed and shorten time to market. Our suggestions on business value stream changes are based on measurable value stream indicators. Therefor any decision to change stable business flow is based on rational principles. As a result all emotional decisioning is hindered.

Agile approach

We provide fast and comprehensive support for your projects

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