Office space optimization

It is not everything so black…

Not having enough privacy is weakness of open office designs as stated in study and could be deadly for business. On the other hand, too much interaction also could lead to limited business process capability and capacity what can heavily influence quality of service.

But, it is not everything so black…

So what to do?

Open office space design must be based on business process flow. In this case employees have possibility to choose their work place according to current job role and process activity they are performing. Job roles are either creative or administrative ones. Open office design must assure ability that all job roles are adequately supported.

Open office should contain different areas; communication areas which encourage interactions and silent areas where employees think and work in peace (no phone areas etc.)…

Open office concept should not follow only cost saving topics, open office should be employees friendly. Companies have to help employees who are not fully able to adopt open office concept. Simple measures, to ensure employees satisfaction and to give to employees control over their work desks, could be significant improvement in working environment.

Give to employees control over their work desks.

Movable screens, in different team colours for example, ensure privacy and also improve affiliation to the specific team/company.

Besides pleasant office areas, rest or recreational areas are important to ensure good and inspirational working environment. Employees needs place to rest, relax and contemplate. 

Employees needs place to rest, relax and contemplate. 

And also enjoy company of co-workers… After all – work have to be also fun…

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