Office space optimization

Now it is official… 

Recent study prepared by Ethan Bernstein and Stephen Turban, at Harvard Business School and Harvard University stated the open office space architecture does not improve interactions among employees, does not improve team spirit…

There is more… Open office space architecture could be deadly for company, now it is proven by numbers:

  • 73 percent less time in face-to-face interactions
  • 67 percent more time on email
  • 75 percent more time on instant messenger

(All other figures/statistics could be found in the study).

There are pros and cons regarding open space office architecture; some business owner and some employees prefer open space offices, some don’t… It is never ending discussion.

Office space design must follow business process flow

But let make it clear – “human” open space office environment must be employees friendly, not “chicken box” open space office. 

What I miss in article (study) is how both companies involved in the study prepared their employees to new environment…Setting up new office environment is demanding task for business owner and employees. It takes time and good preparation.

Several questions appeared to me:

  • did business owners provide employees with relevant information how to use / behave in new environment;
  • were employees explained what are advantages and potential disadvantages of new office environment;
  • was explained how company culture will be improved/changed;
  • were employees involved in discussion how the new office environment should look like, were their ideas taken into account;
  • do employees have enough offices/rooms where they could retreat into privacy;

In case you need more info, please contact us…

to be continued…

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