Energy, peer-to-peer and blockchain

Few days ago joint venture TransActive Grid published a notice that they had succesfully performed paid transaction via their innovative new peer-to-peer energy transaction platform based on blockchain. As so people are able to manage electric surpluses to the microgrid and sell them in the neighbourhood. TransActive Grid is a joint venture of LO3 Energy, a hardware company who builds tools and develop projects to support and accelerate proliferation of the distributed energy, utilities and computation sharing economy of the future, and Consensus Systems, a software company who enables new services and business models to be built on the blockchain.

Their success can in longterm strongly influence not only distibution of energy, but also have additional impacts on business models and social systems.

Connecting blockchain and energy distribution and in next step also self-managed devices with combination of AI, blockchain and sensors will lead to so called device democracy. How this will influence systems like:

  • distribution of energy,
  • scattered distribution and price transparency,
  • sustainability behaviour of social systems,
  • energy optimizations in production plants and manufacturing,
  • energy optimizations in consumer behavior,
  • consumer sustainability awarness,
  • pricing models,
  • energy price oscillation, and
  • vertical and horizontal changes in business strategies of incumbent energy industry.

More on influence of blockchain to energy distribution you can also find in this article. I am sure that future will bring new distrubution models and optmized energy consumption business models. Digital transformation in energy production and distribution will start in near future and open mind, out-of-box, approaches will be necessary for incumbent energy industry.

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